2023-05-25 20:31:14 (UTC)

post move

The management company set it up to do the walkthrough online through an app. It was kinda cool because it was over and done with fast and had it submitted. The email they sent me said that I would be entered to win a $!00 gift card. Unless I'm the only one entered I doubt I'll win. I never seem to win anything unless there are 2 maybe 3 people entered. I submitted last night a maintenance request for the a/c unit and they came around noon and got it fixed. And OMG I've actually got a/c that works. I just had to turn it off because it was freezing me out. It's a swamp cooler and the water hadn't been turned on so the maintenance guy cleaned it out and got the water turned on and it actually works. The other place they just turned on the swamp coolers without the water. I'm going to be laughing my ass of when they all burn out their swamp coolers because their maintenance guy didn't turn the water on.....LOL. This neighborhood it nice. I can actually walk down from my apartment down to the bus and don't have to worry about someone's motive for saying hello. It's so quiet I can hardly sleep at night after all the noise at the other place. I'm on the edge of the UNM campus whose grounds are very neatly kept. I'm right next to the rapid transit as well as the regular route. The regular route had only one bus yesterday when it's suppose to be 12. Yeah buddy. At least the ART busses are reasonably reliable. It only takes 20 minutes to get down to Wyoming to catch that bus to my AA meeting. It takes 30 minutes to get all the way down to the Smiths I use to get my scrips filled. I'm happy and sad but that's ok. I'll get through it. I'm sure it will help when I get C paid back in a few months and can start buying the plastic storage bens and a new shelving unit so I can put out the rest of my knick-knacks and get everything else stored away.

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