Kitty Diary

Kitty Diary
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2023-05-25 19:32:00 (UTC)

Almost time

One more night (tonight) then it's the big day!
I'm trying not to get too nervous... but obviously that's hard for anyone. I just gotta show my skills and THAT'S IT!
The pregnancy thing is also what is making me extra nervous. Since the DM won't be there, I'm afraid that the Regional chef will see and spill the beans before I get to a chance to say next Tuesday.
Also next Tuesday's interview I'm super nervous for also. I hate interviews. I blank out and say stupid things and also I say TOO much.
Only stupid people come off that way lol and I don't think I'm stupid.

I just gotta walk it through at least once, make the dressing at home and then I should be okay. Just don't cut myself and don't burn anything, especially the chicken. I make THE BEST chicken, I really do, it's juicy and flavorful... but if it comes out any other way, I'll be very upset.

My friend said that they're really struggling over there too. They can't even find the time or people to help put away the cold shipments. They'll just sit out forever. Before they'd be put away AS they're being delivered, so, I believe him!
If I do get the job, it'll be hard at first to get into the swing of things and then on top of all that, I'm growing a baby and I feel like this entire thing is going to happen all over again, and I feel bad... But I'll be gone for at least 6 weeks, versus right now the mgr has only been gone for a week. Sigh*

My current job has switched from google programs to Microsoft and it's been terrible. It's been making me want to avoid work right now.
My microsoft account is so slow, just typing an email is like pulling teeth.
I used to really like MS outlook, but after getting used to Google, wow, MS sucks. It's not very pleasing to the eye either. We switched because of 2 new employees, employees that make 200k a year. One works here in the office and she's awful, no one likes her, she bothers everyone! Including me. She's just a lot to take. The other one lives in FL, by the beach. But when my boss doesn't like my idea of ordering from Lou Malnatis instead of his idea, which was Dominoes pizza. LMAO Dominoes for a work lunch?
Sheesh. You can't pay US a decent salary, at least buy us some good ass pizza. My boss also just bought a Lamborghini, Idk if I mentioned that in my last entry, but in case I didn't, He bought a new lambo!
It's bright yellow and stands out like a friggen naked person walking around in the middle of a busy highway. We looked up the pirce, the min. is 230K.
And here I make 57K a year, doing bitch work and head of accounting and billing... that's just sad.

Okay back to work.