Count To Ten
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2023-05-25 22:56:00 (UTC)

2:23 pm, 25/5/23

(W/o daylight savings, Day,month,year)

Next week is the last. This week's the 2nd to. Friday, tomorrow, is going to be so sad. There's so many people I want to say goodbye to yet there's not enough time. Many people aren't going next week. My bus is near empty because so many people didn't go today even. I hate summer. Maybe I'll get peoples snaps tomorrow? It's hard to tell who all's going to be there though. And so many don't have it. I wish I'd gotten a yearbook. I only get them for important years, or the final year(5th, 8th, 12th). There's no way it's almost the next year. We don't even have Monday or Friday next week, the worst and best days. Next year I'm gonna try befriending my current crush further so I have someone to study with. I might study over the summer with my friend of like 5 years(?). I've never really studied on my own time, maybe once or twice but I can't remember. I wish this year I'd done better. Maybe next year. I need a routine but I hate them. I always feel like I'm in a time loop. Or like a machine that only knows one thing. It's gross, idk.

But uh, bye ig. Ima try to do things, or not.