My Life as it is.
2023-05-25 18:08:08 (UTC)


So the website'S been down and I'm too lazy to go read what actually got posted and what didn't work.

So married life, it's okay.
Justin surprises me everyday, he's actually been trying. Rachel came down for 2 nights, and I had told him I didn't want him galivanting off doing god knows what, and he actually stayed and chilled with us all weekend.

So I ordered a ring online.. It was odd, the tracking wasn't accurate so I didn't know I had received it at the post office. Once I knew it may be the ring, I went to the post office to pick it up before work while they were open. I was so excited.. I opened the box (which I paid almost 1200$ for with the warranty on the ring) to find an empty fucking necklace/earrings case along with the receipt and gemotology card for the ring. I am beyong disappointed. I've contacted the company and they keep giving me a run around trying to blame it on the shipping company and saying they have to open a claim with them. Like no bro, the box was in tact it's clearly someone in shipping that pocketed the ring and put an empty box in my shipment.

I can't afford to just be out 1200$, they said that it can take 14 days to file the claim, which won't pass cause it's not the shipping company!! I am already trying to file a dispute with my credit card, cause I'm honestly so stressed about this. I am thankful that I didn't plan a wedding and have this happening because I wouldn't have the ring in time for the wedding probably.

My anxiety because of this is hella high. I never order off of sketchy sites, this is a reputable jeweler that has stores everywhere and stuff, so I can't believe this is happening! It's infuriating. I wanted my ring in time for my birthday to show everyone and stuff.

I feel like I'm handling it pretty well considering. I mean I am freaking out, but like I say, I am so thankful that I did not wedding plan and do the whole shabang cause I would have turned into a bridezilla right about now. I would have probably marched into one of the stores and let them have it in front of everyone making a huge scene.

On another note, I have been doing horribly on my diet this week and just about horribly in everything.

I made chocolate mousse monday, peanut butter cookies tuesday, chocolate chip cookies last night, it's crazy. I want desserts all the time.

While Rachel was done, I had chipstand, I had my macaroni salad things from her city which are delicious, I had pizza, literally eating junk all weekend.

So Sunday I had a hard time pooping but managed, but then I was like oh shit, I started my period. Put a tampon in and nothing. Next morning again, I go poop and a little blood is coming out my vagina. Hella weird.. Then nothing for the next few days, and this morning again it happened. It's so frustrating and uncomfortable cause it bleeds just to say when you wipe, so I wear a pad which I don't even do when i'm on my period, I'm 100% tampons all the time cause I think period blood is so gross to deal with and tampons are the way for me.

No I don't wanna hear your opinion on tampons, everyone is different. I do wanna hear your opinion on bleeding from your vagina when after/while you take a shit though.. Google says it could be cancer or other things that don't seem relevant to me, or a hormonal thing, which I don't understand fully. Anyway, I guess I'm due for a doctor's appointment if it doesn't let up after a week or so.

I bought an adult coloring book with markers and got it over the weekend. So while he was working on his toys outside, I decided what the hell, grab my vape and go color. I got so stoned, I don't know why. I only took like 3 puffs when I usually take 4-5 easily before bed some nights, but I guess it was being out in the sun or something. Like I was high high. The kind of high where you're like damn I shouldn't be in charge of supper right now, I can't do this. The kind where you're like is this shit normal? Is it done yet? lollll

I will be so glad when my car insurance renewal is dealt with in the next two weeks, then we will be good for another year. Hopefully the ring will be dealt with by then too. It's just so sucky of them to do this to me. Like go steal a 6000$ ring instead, maybe that person could afford it. Not the 900$ ring that equals to a bi-weekly pay check of mine, like come on.

I understand the company double-checking everything because people probably claim this but actually have the ring, but in this case it's not any of my fault and I don't really care about any procedure, I paid for a ring and I want the fucking thing.

The more I think about it, the more I wanna cry honestly.

Okay, move on. (I can't, my brain is stuck on the money aspect that I might get screwed over, but whatever)

So I need to zero in in the following days/week, and restart taking my health journey seriously. Justin's friend the other night when I came outside noticed the weight loss, which I don't think Justin was pleased about by the looks of it, but he didn't mention anything.

Tuesday night was chicken breasts, last night was grilled cheeses and chili, tonight is going to be tacos (mainly because for some reason we ended up with a stock pile of taco kits and they need to be used) not sure what we will make with them, and we will have leftover hamburger meat for tomorrow night most likely, so it will be hamburgers probably.

He mentioned Dairy Queen this weekend and I cannot stop thinking about a reese blizzard since, so I think tomorrow we will drive into my old town and stop to have blizzards and do groceries, maybe go visit my dad too while we're at it.

I can tell my anxiety is up just by how I'm writing, going from one subject to another back to the other, which is usual for me, but today it's bad.

I have cut back on my iced coffees, I had one yesterday morning, but this morning I settled for my lemon water. I may buy tea on our next grocery, see how I like that. Warm beverages make me poop, so it may help with certain things.

So tonight, tacos and most likely asparagus. So I put a little olive oil on the asparagus, then I put pepper and salt and garlic mix, then put it in my air fryer with a little piece of parchment paper under it and cover it with cheese, for maybe 10 minutes of so and boy is it good. Another good one is to wrap the asparagus in bacon and cook it in the oven, so easy and so tasty, but not that healthy either of those ways.

Okay, time's up and I have babbled so fucking much it's unreal.

buhbye ox