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Starting over
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2023-05-25 15:14:05 (UTC)

When I got home from work, ..

When I got home from work, Mike was ready to go as soon as he walked in the door, seriously one of my favorite things about him <3

When it was about 9ish I went into the living room to watch the reunion of Vanderpump Rules and he was watching his show deadliest catch or something on demand. After my show was over I went and got in bed, super quiet because he had already fallen asleep. As soon as I got in bed though he rolled over and grabbed me to cuddle up with me, then his hands started to roam and I thought we were going to be making love again, but then I could tell he was falling back to sleep, which in all honestly THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS, this girl was tired. So then I didn't want to move to wake him up so I was being real still, manifesting the hot flash that was threatening to take over to just go away I didn't want to move and wake him up. He would jump a little and remember 'oh hey I have my hand on an ass' and start to rub again for a minute, then fall back asleep. I was trying so hard not to laugh because it was so sweet and loving, but his body heat omg I was going to die. But still I stayed still, then all of a sudden I have an itch in my ear? and of course his arm was across my arms, so I was trying so hard to itch it with my mind (can't do it) but I didn't want to move and wake up magic Mike, not that I don't want to make love to him, but we had already done it for over 2 hours earlier. So I stayed still, then a stray cat hair decided to enter my airway as I inhaled, so as much as I was choking I didn't cough, because I didn't want to wake the beast haha Finally the hot flash was winning so I had to kick the blanket off of me and that woke him up but this time he didn't remember he had an ass in his hand, he only noticed the other arm that had fallen asleep cuddling me, so he said he loved me and rolled over. I just couldn't stop smiling, he is adorable and I am blessed.

Now I just have to get through the next 2 work days, which right before a long weekend always seem like they take forever to end and then I see Jelly Roll baby, then Monday is a Holiday yes!!! Then it's Mike's birthday which he doesn't want anything ugh I was thinking hot air balloon ride, sky diving something

I honestly feel like a little kid and I want to try all things

Mike took me on a cruise 10 years ago I have always said that was enough traveling for me, but now I want to see the world again, this time I feel like I have new eyes, clean eyes, I don't know I just feel different

I love life

I am in love with life

I am a magnet for all good things~

261 days norco free, damn 104 more days until 1 year, I've got this~

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough!

and 1 thing I 100% know about myself.....I always have more than enough of everything!

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