Lauras story
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2023-05-25 00:08:49 (UTC)

ps i love you

tonight, after a bottle of wine i decided to put on the film ps i love you. ive always said that it was my favourite film but the last time i watched it i mustve been around 14. well i cried all through it tonight. its still my favourite. hillary swank and lisa kudrow are amazing. i fell in love with gerard butler all over again. i also love him in the phantom of the opera. ive been thinking of going on holiday this christmas since my parents went on holiday last year and i was home alone which wasnt fun... i figure i might as well be sad and lonely somewhere interesting this year. so now im considering ireland. maybe ill meet my gerry or my own galway girl. id like the love story but without the grief please. the soundtrack to the movie is amazing too. if anyone has any recommendations on trips to ireland or maybe just stories then id love to hear them :)

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