The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-05-24 19:47:18 (UTC)


I can’t believe my own foolness. I can’t let myself “trapped” and attached to m. Again but I feel it’s happening like I’m kinda having a hard time being cold to them and I’m so fucking afraid they will become important to me again… AHAHHAHAHA but from the other side treating them like they treated me feels good. “Go on what I don’t know” BITCH THINK YOU REPLACED ME IGNORED FOR HOURS WHEN I BEGGED FOR YOU TO COME BACK I THINK I EVEN HAD A PANIC ATTACK BC OF YOU AND YOU ASK? I HATE YOU BC I LOVED YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND YOU DUMPED ME INLY TO COME BACK NOW AND FUCKING ACT OFF. My god wth xdddd