La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2023-05-24 18:10:55 (UTC)

A simple hello.

I sometimes wonder if I took a sign and wrote on it "open for conversation" sat on a star bucks coffee table in the patio área, ¿would anybody be intrested in sharing with a stranger? Here in this side of México many People are afraid to speak to strangers, ¿would the fact that I am a woman make a diffrence? People have forgoten what is like to converse face to face without distracciones. I long for that feeling of getting to know other People in the most genuine way and listen to them and what their going trough. I truly miss that side of what once was part of our culture as Mexican People.
Am sure a lot of People out there can relate, ¿but what can we do about it? How can we engage with a stranger and be only willing to listen then say good bye and never speak again. I've engaged in conversations with compleate strangers more than a few times in my life a woman from Utah that was quite impressed with my english pronunciación, we spoke on the place for about 3 hours non stop, again an argentino man that was a archeologist who was on the search of the next big histórica piece of history, and an african older man who help me calm myself down when traveling by myself on a roadtrip to Denver. Complate strangers who I never forgot for some strange reason.
To bad I don't travel much now a days, because I'd love to get to know more People like this. There is a good friend I've made on this site a stranger at first yet a very genttle soul who somehow found an intrest on getting to know me and we became friends.
I hope you find the courage to speak to a stranger today and learn something new about him or her, and remember it all begins with a simple hello ¿how are you doing today?