Dream Scribe

2023-05-24 20:57:00 (UTC)


From another journalling website I use and another time. Just thought I'd share it here.

Oh Crap Moments.
June 10, 2019

● Taking the first lick of an icecream cone and the poorly attached icecream ball falls onto the pavement.

● People walking by, see you lick your icecream cone and watch along with you, as it falls onto the pavement.

● Some smart alec amongst the passers-by, watching the falling icecream, makes a wisecrack and laughs.
(Ok, that's a lot more than an "oh crap" moment.)

● Hitching across country in the height of Summer while drinking, and falling asleep on the roadside. A stern voice wakes you and as your bleary eyes travel from boots and uniform, all the way up to an unamused face, you discover it's the police.

● Slaving through an all-nighter to get an assignment finished on time. You race up to your tutor's office door to see a notice that all due assignments were for yesterday. (Sucks.)

● After spending most of the day catching a fish of legal size you turn to see the small, faded sign "No Fishing This Side Of The River".

● Accidentally locking the kitten in the kitchen cupboard with the pots and pans.

● Hanging out the washing and accidentally standing on your neighbour's cat while they're gardening nearby.

● Putting your groceries absentmindedly into someone else's trolley at the supermarket and walking off with said trolley, while they watch in silent amazement!

● Opening the truck door, throwing the groceries and oneself inside, shutting door and buckling up. The guy behind the wheel speaks :
"Ah lady? You've got the wrong truck."
(Mind you. This is more of a "oh fuck how embarrassing" moment.)
I SWEAR the SUV was exactly the same as TMF's.

● Tugging repeatedly on the door-handle of an obviously locked truck outside the supermarket, and wondering why the damned thing won't open after I'd left it unlocked. Slowly dawns on me it is not the truck I was driving.
Once again, I SWEAR the SUV was exactly the same as the one I was driving at time.

● Rushing onto a train about to leave and sitting on someone instead of meaning to sit NEXT to someone.

● Working long hours on very little sleep and falling asleep on a busy evening commuter train (or bus-I've done both), and ending up overshooting my stop. (Oops.)

● Note to others :

Do not take me fishing, shopping or travelling.