Life of secrets
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2023-05-24 06:25:34 (UTC)


I bought a manifestation workbook yesterday. Let’s see how that goes. It’s nice using pen and paper.

I’m covering my manager from today until next Wednesday and I tell you, I’m not looking forward to it. In fact I really shouldn’t be sitting here looking so chill.

Still haven’t had an update on this mortgage offer. It’s 6 weeks this week. I have been getting the same answer from my broker since the beginning of the month - “I will call the bank and get an update”

How long can it possibly take to get an update ?? I’m sure this guy gets off the phone to me, unpauses Netflix, sips at his tea and thinks “that’ll buy me some time”.

I’m late on my period, considering I actually ovulated when I think I did. I thought I ovulated a little earlier than usual this cycle which means I was due on 2 days ago. But if I misjudged that and ovulated around the normal time, then I’m due on today. I did think I’d get my period two days ago though considering I’ve been a blubbering mess and I’m usually like that a day or two before my period comes. My period is never late. Literally. It’s always smack bang on time.

Unless the stress of the house and being contacted by R’s girlfriend again has really impacted me so bad that it’s delayed my period. Even when I’m stressed usually there’s no issue with my periods. So this is a bit odd. I’m not pregnant though. I bloody wish!