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2023-05-19 23:11:33 (UTC)

so many peppa pigs

our little e turned six yesterday. SIX! i can't believe it. feels like just last week we went to see that tiny red thing in the hospital in the east, and now... she's such a big gal. starting preschool in the fall! mind. blown. dang it - and for once i was ready for her birthday. every year before this one she's gotten my gifts like 3-6 months late, but this time i'd been ready for months *sunglass emoji here*, haha. i bought the huge peppa plushie i can't even remember when, in january? and then we got the toy set in the beginning of march i think, and the card - that one i've had over six months. it's still incredible to me that that one even exists, and someone designed it without ever meeting our e; it's a cute little thing with a pink dinosaur and a text that reads "today i want to be a princess" and then the word princess is crossed over and it says "dinosaur" instead. so! darn! cute!! i didn't fall asleep until the morning hours, and i only got up right before my parents arrived. i barely got back in after taking the dog out, had no time to put on makeup and only wrapped the gift when mum was already here... i was nervous p was gonna be pissed but apparently he was fine waiting in the car. when we got to my brother's place everything was still all over the place in our family's usual manner; s said the theme of the party was 'no stress' haha. they were cooking and getting ready - her parents and the youngest of her siblings were there as well. j was snoring on the couch :D that's my antisocial bro right there, with all the nerve in the universe. e was cute as heck in a dress s's mom had made for her, with the prettiest hair-do ever and all of her excitement. le is such a powerhouse lol, and was also unbearably cute wearing a fancy jumpsuit our mum brought from the states when e was little. she too is so big nowadays, it's w e i r d. i am so, so so so old...

the party was a success - especially considering e had ordered "chocolate cake and just a regular party". there was indeed chocolate cake (it was bloody amazing), and croissants, mini pizzas, lots of different berries and fruit, balloons, even a few party games. my sister's family arrived a little late and brought a mayhem with them (that mayhem's name starts with a, lmao). when e opened our present, she waited patiently as i detached the toys from the packaging one by one, gathered all of them on her lap and then said "now i'm gonna take all of them to my room." and that she did. i love that little introvert - i also love how different a and e are yet they still get along nicely and are great friends. a doesn't lose it even though e almost never replies to her babbling, e doesn't mind a including herself in e's playing, no matter how precise she usually is with everything. every time a goes "cousin huuuuug!" e gives her a hug; it's heart melting. they were in the balcony swing, giggling like crazy, for almost an HOUR. i almost couldn't believe it, both of their concentration holding up for so long! either way, the party was a nice time, albeit noisy as hell. when we left i think i told my folks i didn't wanna hear another noise ever again, or at least in two to three weeks, and booooy did i mean it. after the party i threw some stuff in a bag, grabbed w and we came back with my parents. this morning me and mum went to have my tires changed - at last. dang, you could wear shorts outside and i still had my winter tires on, it was ridiculous. the summer ones are hella loud, but at least they're loud in a different way than the winter ones. tomorrow i'll drive to helsinki, drop w off with je, and continue to the old croft j & m & t own, with a. it's been so long since we last saw each other; since all the crying asses were in the same place at the same time. there's a lot of stressful elements but i'm looking forward to it! soooo i'm gonna cut this one short, and gonna go and try to get some sleep.

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