Mariel is MIA
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2023-05-24 05:42:57 (UTC)

Not what i expected, but fine right now

I'll be staying over at M's wheile he's here. He hasn't said how long he's staying, but i would guess a week. So far, it's been a combination of fun, wild events and of course the poking of teh embers of M and my relationship. I'd say we are not aflame, but the coals are hot. I guess that's ok. I don't know what i was expecting. Well, that's not true. I was expecting a total return to M's domination and demands. I would have been good with that, but this is different. Not nearly physical as i expected. Maybe i'm confused. Anyways, i'll see where this goes. TBH, i was not unhappy that there was no soft swap or otherwise, with Paintball guy. Even tho i'd been with him, the addition of another female to the mix didn't excite me at all.

Stopped off to pck up some stuff at my place this afternoon and ran into ERdoc at the mailbox. We chit chatted a bit and he inquired where i was this weekend. I told him i had a friend in town and was entertaining. Didn't say anything about it being a man or my history with him I also dropped I'd be staying up in Palm Beach for the week, like a staycation of sorts. I could see he wanted to know more, but he held back. The games we play, right.

So, therapy in the am. Got a lot to talk about i guess.