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me and my life
2023-05-23 16:32:11 (UTC)

Countdown begins

12 days to go... whaoooo.... I can feel excitement in my bones.. I am nervous, excited, sad and happy too so now the feelings are all mixedup and I don't know how should I deal with it. There is so much to pack, so many ppl to meet and so much to eat and i feel like I have less time in my hand. While I also feel that I should have left in this week itself and also feel that I should have take a little more time.
OMG my life is going to change completely, I can't believe that I will travel internationally by myself all alone for the very 1st time. I am so so excited to start my new life with my husband. I can do eat, sleep workout shoot however I want to.
My packing is 60% done but there are still many things I have to pack like I want to carry whole world with me. My all medical tests are done, clothes are packed few last min to add, few utensils, met few friends and had all homecooked yummy meal.. oh I was 56 and now i am 60kg lol i really doubt on that machine.
Now ill write when Ill arrive at Canada. I hope things will be better there too for me. Ill mis mom big time and my sis sad sad... okbai