Up All Night
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2023-05-23 04:03:27 (UTC)

PC Games

After I played Sims 4 tonight, I looked at computer games, some which I alpha tested, like World of Warcraft. Haven't played anything by Blizzard for a long time. I was also an alpha tester for The Realm, which as far as I know, isn't up anymore. I think someone bought it, but I don't know if they put it back online.

I want an RPG. I have NOX in my library on the new Electronic Arts app, but the last time I tried running it on a newer model computer, the graphics splattered. The gaming computer wouldn't run Nox. So, I'm looking for an RPG that will run on my computer.

I've been out of the gaming world since I bought The Sims 4. The base game is now free. I'm looking for more games to play. I need an older laptop with wifi, so I can play The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. That's another game I couldn't get to run on a newer computer.
I'm still learning and relearning the computer. I'm afraid to do anything to my computer so that it will run the older games. I'm sure that I could. But as it is, I'm going to look for an old laptop I can put my old games on, that will run the old ones. I've been gaming and computing since I was 15. I'm 57.