Amber's ramblings
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2023-05-22 22:45:41 (UTC)


So mum dobbed me right in it today. Had to go for an ECG at the doctor's. As we were leaving the other nurse bumped into and called me in to her office. She said I need to have an eye screening as soon as really. I've always refused it before or find an excuse not to do it. The nurse asked me to give them a call and I said I can't because I won't be able to drive afterwards. She was like isn't there anyone who can take me. I was stalling so mum answered for me. So now I have to go and have that horrible screening. I will put it off for as long as I can though. But I will be squeezing her hand the whole way through it. I hate people being that close to my eyes.

Mum asked me for a favour tonight. She might need me to run to the doctor's for her. Obviously I said yes. Not a problem. It's not a favour it's helping family. I'm happy to be able to help.

I'm a bit pissed off tonight. Me and my neighbour cleaned out the back of the car today. And under all the rubbish there is ice cream all over the back seat. And it's the only side with a working seatbelt. For some reason the other side won't clip in. So I need to get that cleaned before Saturday because I'm taking the girls out shopping. I had 2 quotes. One from a professional car cleaner £80 lol. He couldn't book me in until Sunday which was no good. The other bloke came highly recommended by dad and he was going to charge £20. No brainer really. So going to see if he will fit me in on Friday. Fingers crossed.

Amigo is coming out of the bedroom more today. He wanted to cuddle up with Penny last night but she wasn't having it. They touched noses but when he tried to jump up on the sofa next to her she growled at him. Bless her. They will get used to each other. It won't take that long. Penny will see he isn't a threat. Not like Bert. I tried stroking him again tonight lol he tried to hiss at me. I say tried he has no voice so when he tries to hiss or meow no sound comes out at all. It's funny. Am I mean for laughing at him.

So we were talking tonight about the local cinema closing down. I said me and Emma had some awesome times in there. Not just in there we've had some pretty good times. So this one time she was about 12 I think and we went to see a movie. She got bored and started having a giggling fit halfway through. I was trying to calm her down which just made her worse. A couple at the end of the row threw a book at my head which also made her laugh even louder. There was another time we were in town. It was the first Saturday of the summer holidays so town was packed. I was sitting on a wall and Emma decided to shout out oh my god my bum is incredibly itchy I think I'll scratch it now. And everyone looked at me like it was my responsibility to control her. I didn't give birth to her. I was 8 when she was born. Anyway we've had some good laughs. She had this evil step mother who had demon children. So on the weekends she stayed with her dad room was a bit tight and me and her had to sleep in a cage. Let me explain. So the dining room was turned into an indoor bird Avery for the 8 parrots they had. So there was a bit not very big where we had to sleep. I should also mention that in that part of the room there were 6 kittens. They also had 10 other cats 3 dogs a rabbit a pheasant and a few hamsters. It was chaos in the morning getting the kids ready for school and feeding that many animals it was crazy. That's why I was there. To help with the kids and stuff. It started off ok then after a couple of months I had to get a job because I needed money. So I was then expected to get up at 7.30 and get the kids fed and ready for school. 3 kids girl 8 boy 7 and girl 5. They were a handful. So I would take them to school go back and feed the animals and do the housework. Pick the kids up for lunch feed them take them back to school. Housework again because they trashed the place when they were home for lunch. Pick them up after school. Entertain them until my brother got home then go and do a night shift at the local warehouse 5 pm till 5 am. And on top of that they wanted me to pay rent. I couldn't do it. I was exhausted after one day. Working in the Wearhouse was so hard. That on top of not sleeping was no good. So I walked out one day and told them to figure it out themselves. I wasn't going to be able to do what they wanted. How long did they really expect me to be able to do it for. They didn't like that I moved out but what did they really expect when they started demanding all that from me. I only stayed for as long as I did because I got to spend every other weekend with Emma. We used to wind the parrots up at night. It was so funny.

I found out she was cheating on my brother. When I told him she said I was lying and he took her side. He didn't talk to me for 6 months. He got home from work early one day and caught them at it. He moved in with me and the biological parents and I avoided him for a few days. It was my birthday when we finally saw each other. He apologized. I forgave him because I'm a nice person.