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2023-05-20 04:43:59 (UTC)

Why trust?

This kid who has been coming to our house has been "helping" us do some yardwork... I mean, he will mow the lawn with my mower and he will pick up sticks. He did help me with some workshop stuff too. He wants to earn a bit of money to do this and that. I get it.

The thing is he told us his mom is in the hospital since December and she's in a coma. I don't believe him, but She does. She is trying to arrange to go see his mom in the hospital which is 40 minutes away in another city. She actually called all the hospitals up there yesterday and not one of them had a patient with his mom's name that he gave us. She so wants to believe him that she is worried about his well-being. I don't wish bad things, and he is personable, but I do not trust him. I think he's a liar and despite his young age, he's learning how to con people. We have not yet been conned. We have only given him money for work he has actually done.

Lies he's told-
His mom is in the hosipital. - can't verify
His mom is in a coma- can't verify
His mom was in a plane wreck-
His mom was in a plane wreck with his friend's mom. They were both working and are now both in the hospital since December
I can't come into his apartment because his landlord will kick him out.
He got second place in a track meet in the 400, even with a false start.

It's all just sketchy.