Mariel is MIA
2023-05-22 21:38:13 (UTC)

M, the Heat and a visitor

Hey, it's MOnday and what a weekend!

M scored tix for the Heat game last night, so he flew in Saturday night. The tease that he wasn't coming alone turned out to be cool and perhaps awkward. I went to pick him up at PBI and as soon as I saw him, i also connected eyes with his buddy PB, with another girl in tow. I know PB from paint ball, hence the name and also from some other activities that probs won't be repeated, since there was also this girl with him. Then again M has his proclivites, but none of them turned out to be seen. At least to now. And no Rottie. That was the "and one" i was expecting. I always have this anxiety towards him. He can be quite aggressive. Just like his master (and mine?).

The boys played golf all morning and I was left to entertain the girl. She was older than me, but we had enough to say to not make it awkward. She seemed relaxed and easy, so i'm guessing she didn't hear M go at me the previous night. When i haven't had any for a while, i can get pretty crazy, volume wise. Well, everything wise. Pent up emotions and all. Turns out she and PB are leaving tomorrow for a cruise for the week. I like PB. He's very considerate, but he still is of the M mold. We've had our moments over the years. Still, i'm a bit releived they left this morning.

The game was amazing. The Heat-ers played spectacularly and Boston was tots outdone. I do love basketball games, tho the 'Fin's are my true love.

We went out for a really late supper and din't get home until after 2. I had work so I'm now feeling the effects. Thankfully, nothing much going on, just an audit of updates and the like, so I'll make it through the day. We will see what tonight brings. PB is gone, so it will jsut be the two of us at M's.

Well, I wish i could curl up and ZZZZ under my desk, but alas that woud be frowned upon. GTG!