Dream Scribe

2023-05-22 10:07:05 (UTC)

Wow. So Precise.

The time for New Zealand on the diary website is now running so precise.
That's impressive. I love it. I love you whoever adjusted it because it saves me having to change it. I been writing here over an eight-year time frame...wow...

I'm deeply frustrated that I can't walk normal anymore. I'm doing my damn-dest every day to accept this health condition. Even if it means tolerating the pain which requires work. Maybe I don't need cbd oil.

Outreach was beautiful tonight. The company and food was great. Truly a blessing.

I don't know how to tell it. This is about timing and I know that the courage to tell it all in story after story and stories within a story, will come. I know it will be told, it's simply a matter of trusting in the future.

What is real, while recovering, is doing my best to see others (socially) with positive regard no matter what (spiritual perspective) and truly learn to value that kind of growth. It doesn't come so easily anymore (I'm that broken) but I'm ready to give this a try again. I cannot live in a state of social distrust and expect growth...no.

Time to watch Netflix. Watching Inception.