Amber's ramblings
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2023-05-22 00:14:48 (UTC)


I am so tired today. I wanted an early night last night but Penny had other plans. She didn't come in until 1am and then I was awake again at 3. I don't understand why I'm not sleeping.

I'm not making any plans for an early night anymore. It's almost midnight and Penny still won't come in. Amigo let me stroke him and he didn't run away so he's settling in. He's getting to trust me. Hopefully it won't be too long before him and Penny are curling up together sleeping. I think he wants to go out but it's way too early yet. Got to keep him in for at least a week maybe even 2. He needs to get used to it here before he goes out. I don't want him getting lost.

I was thinking about Jim earlier. Just after he moved in to the flat upstairs he had a visit from our housing officer. She asked him how he was getting on with me and he told her I was stalking him. She thought he was serious until he started laughing.