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2023-05-22 04:09:01 (UTC)
image for Do I really care?

Do I really care?

Do I really care enough to adhere to those To-Do lists I make and sit here, outside of the comfort of my bed? No, I don't care. But I can make it a 5 day thing, hopefully zone out and fade away mentally.
For now, though, I am tired or just lazy, either way I'm going to lay down and watch tv from there. Wish I had ice cream.
I have water.

and omggg bro i rly didn't even know that roar's cover image, or that one song, was about an incident as horrific as that. so sry if i came off as some rl life horror/tragedy enthusiast bc that is one thing i am not :/

I'm so lazy. I kinda feel bad about it. But I don't feel like doing anything productive.
whatever theres a whole week ahead of me to push me into working anyway. podcasts, hw, PS, water, exe, bible, the whole 9 yards.
because i don't like going to church. so i have to have some sort of effort throughout the week to seem hardworking and studious enough that me being tired, always tired, is reasonable and okay. should I just go to sleep?
8-5, thats what, 9 hours? i can play a while longer.

gonna need to unlock all the character before I start writing much and making connections tho.

i wish people didnt stress me out so much