always wth love

2023-05-21 19:57:05 (UTC)

Updates and Adulting

Hi, how are you doing?
Late call back home from my grandpa yes we had finally discussed AGAIN if I'm staying here. NO this time around it's a lot different. I have lived here for 8 months. I told my grandpa, No, don't mail my boxes it's a waste of money. So when my grandpa gets better he will be picking me up from my mom's house... It's going interesting time. I haven't talked in some time I won't go into detail but it's looking up. ...unfortunately, his ex-wife passed away two days just found out yesterday. ..... Starting this week my mom and I start helping how to work on the next thing of adulting. There's a lot to learn I'm so ready for it. My mom knew I was going back home because this was a nice time to see what my mother and brother do on a daily. Last night my mom thanked me for helping her out of her depression period. I feel now I can leave her with burst of hope and happiness. I'm glad we in last week of May into June because I'll be buying me duffel bag then suitcase before the I leave. I'll be back when I'm thirty. We are looking for me a place so I'll have own place. Idk how my grandpa knows bout my other mom's health condition but I didn't ask because it wasn't important at that moment. I have realized I have A LOT of love from everyone. I told him about my other brother exciting news. I'm not sad anymore I'm at peace right now. I did express to my mom this journey back home is going to be interesting. Yesterday my mom shown me more pictures of my childhood which its so cool. Also saw the baby my mom lost when I was a child. Idk how I'm going to feel when I get there call saying Are you ready? This year started of not perfect yet nothing in reality is. There's only one person who really matters in my ex. He has seen every part of the me. ....I have been talking to someone gave the full heads up I'll stop talking he's not ready but I'm sure I am. I see as a friend, I don't trust myself going down ( we will see) and I only feel safe with my ex. Nobody is perfect yet. I'm excited I've went through its been a lot downs than ups. My mom finally got job more hesitate if it's going to last my mom's track record lastest for some months then be on the phone for hours when she isn't doing stuff.

LEARNED in a slow state -
I have learned opening an bank account, use my despot money .
Use debt credits
Filling out important papers
Budget saving
I'll be learning more when up to returning home.

Nobody knows I cut off my other family as did its alright because once I'm back I'll call my brother after letting my mom know we are back home. I know he will be happy for me. There's a lot of emotion so much of it.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA post was so much fun hopefully sometime soon I honestly still idk when I will be getting the iPad pro as for yesterday i'd shown her another place to buy it. My mom decided if she can't buy renewal one she wants to get me new they're closer to 6-7 hundred dollars, I kept at the mid - 500 because it makes a lot sense...

WHO'S ready for SUMMER
Alright all I have for now....always with love

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