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2023-05-21 14:18:21 (UTC)

Self-checkout rant from an associate's POV.

Oh boy, I wonder how many words I'm going to get with this rant.  Last night I mentioned that man who told me to "calm down", swearing that he had paid for his items at the self-checkout at Walmart.  All because I had taken a step to flex my legs.  This happens quite a lot at the self-checkout.  I step forward, I step back, I step to one side or the other, and we get a customer who snaps and accuses us of accusing them of stealing, and I'm like, why?  If they know they're doing nothing wrong, there's no reason to get so uppity.  We understand how these self-checkouts work, and we understand that they mess up a LOT.  We understand that alerts can pop up, even through no fault of the customer.  We're here to help and to make sure these transactions go as smoothly as possible.  We aren't here to accuse people.  So RELAX!

I should probably write the above in my Exceed journal, but I don't know, that experience is something I'd rather forget, even though these similar experiences happen frequently.  So it's not like I can forget even if I tried.  Why is it the customers who tick me off are the ones I can't forget?  I'd rather remember the ones who give me a positive experience.  Those are the things I should write about in my journal.

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