My short pointless life
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2023-05-21 13:35:42 (UTC)

why i did it

i switched to android for now from my iphone. From the fancy expensive iphone 12 i went to my good ol samsung galaxy m31. the samsung costed me 16k while the iphone more than 60k. but.....i do love me a samsung.

firstly the battery sucked big time on the iphone. i hated it. it was literally an hourglass dripping away by the minute. on the other hand the samsung lasted me a good two days...

iphone cant play FLAC audio format. while syncing from itunes. WTF.

i synced my contacts. updated my notes. i was using one note and one drive. so i transfered all my stuff from the icloud to them.

i guess till the next ios comes out ill be using the samsung. oh and for custom ringtones for iphone i had to go through 5 steps. and for samsung its just copy paste. hahah