Amber's ramblings
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2023-05-19 22:06:56 (UTC)


Wow what a day. It started at 7.30 when I couldn't get back to sleep. Went out at 10 to take my neighbour to the doctor's and then do a bit of shopping. While he was shopping I called the opticians and they said to go in and they would sort out the mistake from yesterday. So dropped my neighbour off picked up mum and the other 2 and drove into town to pick out another pair of glasses. I can't wait to pick them up in 2 weeks.

We shopping. I spent too much. It's all good though. Had a really good trip with them.

We got home around 2ish. So part of my EUPD is that I'm impulsive. And I answered someone on Facebook who was trying to re-home her male cat. I probably shouldn't have. Anyway long story short I now have a new cat. He's called amigo. And he is so handsome. I love him already. I don't think Penny is too impressed but give it time they'll soon be curled up together sleeping. He's hiding right now and I don't know where he is. So I'm not trying to find him because I know he will be feeling scared and confused. So I'll let him hide as long as he wants he will come out when he's ready. I felt for the girl having to re-home him. It was so difficult for her. She didn't want to give him up but she was leaving the country and couldn't take him with her. She was in bits. So I promised to send her updates on him. I hope he's going to be happy here. It didn't go too well last time I adopted a cat. Bert the traitor hates me that's why he moved in with mum and dad. He's still grumpy though. That will never change. Bless him.

So yeah that was my day. Just a normal day which ended in an adoption. There's been a lot of that going on around here lately. Hahaha. First I adopted Bert. Then he moved out and mum and dad adopted him. They then adopted me. And I've adopted Amigo. I wonder if he will abandon me too. I'm joking I wouldn't let that happen. The only people here I would ever let adopt him would be mum and dad. If anyone else tried I would kick off. It's not going to happen.

I have to make sure Penny gets a lot of attention for a while. So she knows she's still my baby girl.

Amigo is still hiding under the bed. He came out and sat in the doorway watching me for a few minutes. He will come and say hello when he's ready.

Was talking to him for a while yesterday. He didn't call me tonight. I hoped he would but it just shows how little he thinks of me.