Life of secrets
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2023-05-19 21:44:57 (UTC)


I don’t think we are going to get the house anymore. I’ve tried being positive. I put it out there. We’ve been waiting since February and nothing has moved forward. I can’t see the seller waiting much longer and our broker suddenly seems incompetent. I can only think that perhaps it’s just not for us.

But I am fed up. I would like things to work out for once. I truly feel like my life is stuck and no matter what way I go, I end up right back here. If I don’t get the house now because I’ve “put it out there” then WHATEVER. I’m tired of being disappointed after being positive. And that type of disappointment really hurts.

I got a message from R’s “girlfriend” the other day. I’ve blocked her and her sister on everything and so she messaged me from another number. Telling me to leave R alone. She’s accusing me of messaging him from different numbers. I actually responded this time and told her it’s not me but she doesn’t believe me. So I blocked her.

The girl is deluded. I’ve not spoken to R for over a year. I don’t know who he’s talking to but it’s not me. I’ve actually never known someone so crazy in all my life. She also mentioned he’s not called his daughter for 2 weeks… I guess she did have the baby then? The baby no one seems to know about. A baby that no one has on social media, anywhere. I don’t know if I even fully believe this baby exists. Unless he’s had a kid with her and totally kept it secret.

But I’d just like to be left alone. She got what she wanted. I lost my best friend and my rock. And she’s still bothering me.

I have enough to go to the police but it gives me major anxiety and I’m trying to avoid going down that route for as long as I can.