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2023-05-19 12:26:51 (UTC)

Lucky day😀🍀

We had a drawing for something at the gym. I apparently won a voucher for two tickets to a Giants baseball game at the lower section!! Just need to pick a date to use them. Not into the Giants so I offered them to my Gym Sis. Someone at the gym wanted them but as usual, they don't even know me or chat with me so...yeah, not happening.

This week is flying by so quickly. It's almost Friday already. Work is busy, mostly fun new projects. Asswipe boss tries to mess with my MOJO but his days are numbered and he should be out by the end of the year.

They have a boxing match this Sunday. Before I left Vegas the last time, I had placed a bet and it was 2 to 1 if you picked Lomachenko. He's older than the other guy so that may be why he's the underdog. But we shall see. Only bet $50 with $150 payout if he wins.

So this site needs a little bit of $$ help? Well, I'm already a subscriber but I'll double my monthly payments. This site helped keep me sane when I was going through some tough times. I also made a bunch of friends here that I didn't expect but value so much. Anyway, I can afford it.
Hope it helps.

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