Up All Night
2023-05-19 01:06:58 (UTC)

The Usual

I'm back down to 12 followers. Used to be 13 ... My Diary is boring. I never do anything except go to the store or doctor's appointments.

My coochie itches. I think I have a yeast infection. Yuck. My diabetes doctor said that the diabetes medicine can cause this. The gynecologist prescribed some ointment to apply twice a day. I don't think it's helping. I need to make another appointment with her.

I felt like crap when I got up this morning. Didn't shower, just put my clothes on over a body that needs showered. I'm going to take one before bed tonight and really scrub myself. Especially down there.

My neighbors think I'm nuts. That's tough. As long as I have my civil rights I'm going to be free, but I won't bum cigarettes off of anyone anymore. I'm done with those damned things.