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2023-05-18 23:14:10 (UTC)


I couldn't be bothered last night to write here. To be fair we were having a fire pit and I was enjoying it so much I forgot to write the entry. And we're having another fire pit tonight.

So today I had an eye test. I now need 2 pairs of glasses. One for reading and one for distance. So I picked out 2 pairs and decided on some sun glasses for when I'm driving. So I made a mistake I should have got 4 pairs because they were in the 2 for 1 offer. So I need to call them in the morning to see if I can pick out another pair. Mum came with me and neither of us knew that we had to go upstairs. It was a struggle for mum. I asked her if she wanted to wait for me downstairs but she wanted to be with me. I stayed behind her on the way upnand Infront of her on the way down. I was worried about her falling. Next year I'll make sure to book the room downstairs. When they tried to look in my eyes with the bright light as always my eyes filled up. And we had to keep stopping. But we got through it. I got some lovely glasses though. I can't wait to pick them up. Not for 2 weeks. Just in time for my birthday BBQ weekend.

Taking mum and sister shopping tomorrow. We're traveling half hour up the road just to go to one certain shop. We don't have that where we live so we have to travel. It's not far but we could get lost in there. I have to try and hold myself back when I go in there. Can't spend too much ice got to take the girls out next weekend. Promised my niece a shopping trip for holiday clothes. I really hope she gets some nice stuff. And I really hope she has a good time. I always worry that she's not having fun. Like I know she does because her mum tells me she does but it's my paranoia.

Been talking to him tonight. Just a few messages. It's Friday tomorrow and he used to call me on a Friday night. I wonder if he will this week. Probably not