Count To Ten
2023-05-19 03:21:49 (UTC)


Next week we have our finals and I'm so scared. I never really study, I can say I have studied but never at home. I got a 91 on some test in English, it was similar to the actual final but shorter, was only 23 questions with shorter passages. The 91 has me scared though because I know that two months ago I could've gotten a 100. It is what it is ig though.

Today's my sisters b-day I've been trying to find that happy birthday song meme on tiktok but I can find it without other peoples text on it.

My ear has been hurting all day and got to the point where I could barely hear out of it at all. I went to the nurse, but ofc, almost everytime I need the nurse she isn't at school. They really need to have two nurses so they can transition between schools. Having one nurse per two schools isn't good.

Terrorfied for tomorrow because it's the final history test. I think I'm the. Only one in class who's kept all the notes from this year, minus loosing a few unimportant ones probably. I even have the one talking about "What is World History" lol. I don't think there's an official final for history this year, which is weird ngl.

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