Up All Night
2023-05-18 17:16:00 (UTC)

Mouse and Mouse Pad/Groceries

Yesterday my brother sent me a mouse and mouse pad. Easier to play my game this way ... He also sent me a huge amount of groceries, with a lot of canned stuff, like canned veggies. So I'm set for a while. I have a lot of sides. All I have to do is add protein. I looked at ribeye steaks and they have gone up in price, but I'll probably put one on my grocery list. I am a meat eater.

I have appointments coming up and as of this writing have only two outfits in my closet. I'm going to have to hand wash some stuff to get me through until I can do laundry.

The computer is great. I'll spend happy hours playing games on it. Later, I want to purchase another hard drive and some flash drives. We'll see ...

I'm going to watch music videos here shortly to pass the time. I'm drinking coffee without any sweetener. I stopped using sugar ages ago and I just ran out if Stevia. So now Stevia and soon coffee are on my shopping list.

All for now. Oh yeah, I'm taking my medicine.