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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
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2023-05-18 07:51:10 (UTC)

Picture This

12:52am Thursday

How's it going for everyone. I mean, besides the normal gloom and doom out there, lol (awkward shrug but ok).

The last few days or week in general has been ok for a few things. I'd been exercising more; it's sporactic but yeah. They just put out a bunch of OT at work and I jumped on it; not to tire myself out but it should be enough.
At work, every year it seems to be a new critter(s). One year it was a bunch of those black beetles stink bugs crawling everywhere inside the shacks and now it's these small little knat things. Harmless but they get everywhere almost it seems. I had and prob will tonight zip up my duty bag so they don't get in there. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow by my old haircut Lady (yayy) now I have my car back. The check tomorrow has no OT on it, just bare bones yeah. But you do what you can. a couple of flakes on doublelist; no biggie. Ghosts and stuff...no hookups. I'm drinking more water. On Redditt I commented early on some posts and got over 1.2K comments and likes, cool beans! Well, I should get going but yeah. Until next time! 😀😮😎👦🏽