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2023-05-17 15:36:55 (UTC)

.. last post on the bugle ...

This is the one, wordpad used before. That last one was erroneous. Strange wasn't found listed search last time. Don't keep favorites, with all that, computer would have to have a memory as big as infinity. Not important anyway, IBM said it best, garbage in garbage out. Remember, you never throw trash away, tis always there, if it isn't it will come right back. You have to let things go, move away, don't hold on.

Okie, okay, ok, o then k, Oden Kay, an imaginary who (weird holographic origin) that (the hologram always there) exists, prolly where we are, tells me it's near time to go. The evidence was known today, right from real world, our world, the illusion is those folks out there. We're all illusions within illusions.

Unsolved Mysteries David Stone said it, yous buys your teas you takes your chances, Halloween.
They think the WORD is in the safe.

Six knives in Rob's room. Yous

buys your tea and yous takes

your chances Halloween.

Word in the safe could be written writing, as Christian as a bible, even the Devil one. The knives could be the six senses, last one being psychic. Buying your teas taking chances is you know nothing about anything. Buying something in the store boxed up not always will that be the case what you see is what you get. So it's like a trick, otherwise it's a treat. Halloween. Surprise, surprise, surprise he said in the movie four wheels from a wheelchair.

I'm sorry he found the Beast, if you go looking for that, if it takes notice of you, It will come to You, and, you can't handle that cause you're not ready for it. There is a Way, takes Authority though, you'll never do It alone.

This is it, last post on the bugle says the Libertines. Sure am glad to be less than. More free. Free doom to free dum. Let's just get this over with, and out of here. If I come back this way somethings' wrong. I made a circle, so this has to be One way.

Alright, last time, last sentence. A final bye. Will not shall I return, Answer.

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