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2023-05-15 19:39:40 (UTC)

Lunch & Retail Therapy ❤️

Good Evening,🌙
It's an absolutely gorgeous day out. We have had weather far above normal for spring here but I'll take it. Today is not too hot, It's 20C with a really nice breeze. I love days like this. I managed to plant some flowers.

I want to thank those who reached out to me in support of what I wrote yesterday. It truly meant the world to me that you took the time from your busy days to write to me. I am super grateful for the friendships I have built here.

Today I did some planting and had lunch and a little retail therapy with my best friend M. We hit an outdoor patio for lunch and then the mall. I may have splurged a bit lol. I bought myself a few items from Victoria's Secret, Sephora, and Aerie. I also found this incredible body mist at Victoria's Secret called "Coconut Milk & Rose" It smells absolutely heavenly so I bought two of the mists and two of the lotions. While I am obsessed with anything coconut scented, it does not have a strong smell to it. Super soft and sexy, in my opinion. It was a day well spent and exactly what I needed. That's one thing I can say about my two best friends, they don't miss a beat in being there for me. My true ride-or-dies in life.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day. Unsure if I will write tomorrow or not.

Not much else to update so I will head off and go soak in my hot tub for a bit.

Have a beautiful night.💜

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