2023-05-14 20:26:05 (UTC)

Two Brief Thoughts

Personal entry follows.

Sometime in the past few years I've learned and became fascinated with solo journal-writing games. These are games where it's essentially one person mentally playing, using their imagination after a prompt triggers some thoughts in a given direction. Anyhow, I'd made a game or two like this - mostly because I live and/or work with people who aren't very interested in board games for a variety of reasons, and when I want to throw some dice or draw a few cards, I'm on my own.

An idea I have right now is for a journal-writing game that focuses on a character that's dirt-poor in a "steampunk" world. For some reason, the character must complete a terribly-important journey, and there is a high likelihood they'll be too late. I'm dwelling on the concept of a person with no resources beyond their own grit to get a job done, when the rest of the world around them is full of wonders and Big Fish and fantastic advances in science and technology. There's a hero trudging forward in the shit and the mud, with shooting stars blazing overhead. I want players to put themselves in the shoes of the less-fortunate, to put themselves in the place of someone who fails at a dire task, and still has to live through the aftermath.

Damnit, there's a woman here at the eco-institute, a new arrival, who's totally distracting me.


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