Amber's ramblings
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2023-05-15 01:27:46 (UTC)


I have just got home. It's 1am. That was a long tiring weekend with very little sleep. But so worth it. The people I had photo shoots with were all absolutely amazing. Will mellor hugged me and he smelled so good. I think I fell in love. He is funny and so attractive in person. I mean he looks good on screen but in person. Wow. I told Brian Krause from charmed that I love him and he gave me the biggest smile and said thank you. He was holding my hand when the picture was taken. And I met Jared padaleki. Couldn't get a selfie and wasn't supposed to be taking photos but I did anyway. Had to be sneaky but the photo's turned out good. I tried to send one to mum but it wouldn't send. Lovely people there. I had a really great time.

Anyway as we were leaving mum sent me a message which comes up on my car dashboard. So Laura saw who it was from and questioned why she's down as mum. I said because she adopted me. I don't think she was too impressed but I don't care. She knows how my biological mother treated me. So I don't get why she was mad. And when the message was being read out by the car mum signed off saying they both love me and signed it mum and dad. Laura tutted at me. I still don't care she's my mum now and nothing will change that. I had to say my reply and it was something like I love you too mum. And Laura sighed at me. No idea why. Probably jealous. I don't care I didn't let it faze me.

We had this conversation in the car which kind of got to me a bit. She asked me about my celebrity crushes. Apart from the obvious she wanted to know who my female celebrity crush was. I said there wasn't really any. So she said I'm not a real bisexual. Just because I don't ram it down people's throats like she does.

So yesterday at the con I bought some earrings because they were the symbol on the book of Shadows in charmed. And I have that as a tattoo on my wrist. (Laura said I only got it because I was meeting with the charmed actors. I had been thinking for a while about getting it done a good few years. So when I knew I was meeting them I had to get it.) So anyway I put them in today and within an hour my ears were hurting. I can't wear cheap metal it has to be silver or gold. But I prefer silver over gold. So I had to take them out. I will replace the hoops with some silver ones and put the dangly bit on them. That won't be a problem.

So yesterday I was having trouble with my wig. It was hurting and it could have been that which gave me a headache. Or it could have been all the walking I was having to do. And my tiara kept falling off. Really annoying because it fell backwards. Couldn't wait to get it off. Well today I decided I wouldn't fasten the strap inside to keep it on my head. And looking at the photos from today you can clearly see where I just gave up. And you can see it getting worse as the day went on. It's hilarious.

My legs hurt so bad from all the walking. This is why I'm dreading the zombie apocalypse because of all the walking. Anyway I'm going to suffer tomorrow I'm already stiff. Don't care. It was totally worth it. I will add here I have arthritis and I have a walker which I used this weekend. I'm not lazy I just can't walk that far.

Why am I wide awake it's almost 2am. Must have something to do with the can of energy drink and the 2 coffee's I had on the way home. To be fair I don't think I would have made it home if I hadn't had them. I would have fallen asleep at the wheel. Which is a thing that annoyed me today about Laura. So my first photo shoot of the day was at 12.30 and the next one wasn't until 2.55 so I told her I was going back to the car to see if I could take a nap. I don't nap normally but it was 3 and a half hours to drop her home and then 3 and a half hours to get back to mine. Nightmare. So I knew it would be a long drive. She said she would call me at 2.40 to wake me up and give me enough time to get to the photo area. Napping in the car isn't comfortable so I was moving around trying to find the right position. I was close to falling asleep so I'd been there about 45 minutes when she came and knocked on the window waking me up. I freaked out because I thought it was carpark staff checking on me. She wanted a cigarette because her vapes had all run out. I could have killed her. After she left I managed about half hour before she called to tell me it was time to go for the photo shoot. Luckily the last shoot was Brian and it hyped me up enough to get me to Swansea. We stopped for food and she chose McDonald's. She was paying so I couldn't complain. Talking of food we made the mistake of not taking any with us on Saturday. And by around 1 we were both hungry. And we had no option but to get something from there. £3 for a can of coke and £10 for burger and chips. Which wasn't even that nice. So we took food with us today. We'll have to remember that next time. If there is a next time. It all depends on who's going to be there. Laura's talking about one in July in Birmingham where Misha Collins who plays castiel on supernatural is going to be there and I would give my left arm to go and meet. However the tickets are £350 and to get a photo shoot or autograph it will be an extra £110 each. So I somehow don't think I'll be going to that one. I need to find myself a sugar daddy. And on that note I should probably get to bed and see if I can sleep. I can't wait to go and see mum and dad tomorrow. I have really missed them. Wish I could have taken them with me