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Notes from my Black
2023-05-14 13:36:02 (UTC)

Mother’s Day…

I woke up early and chose to stay up. She had said she wanted to not sleep in today, so I waited an hour to go say hi. It’s was 8 when I went in to say Happy Mother’s Day. She turned her phone off and was annoyed. Then she grilled me about getting her up… she said she wanted to not sleep all day… “Exactly when did I say this?” It’s gonna be one of those days. She got up anyway.

Our son was still sleeping. She didn’t kiss him, hug him or acknowledge him other than to say I’m going to leave you two alone for a while. She went back to her room, got back in bed and got back in her phone.

I tried to make the morning a nice one. I’m pretty sure I see the ending to this scenario quite clearly.


Yesterday my son wanted to take a drive. He just wanted to listen to music and wave his hand in the air I think. We ended up in a hilly and rural area 30 minutes outside of town by the river. We ended up parking and sitting by the river for about a half hour. I could live there. I don’t care for the River near where I live… it’s super gross muddy. Somehow 30 minutes up stream was nicer. I can imagine a few hours upstream and I may actually consider swimming in it. I need to live near water. It’s funny, both my parents chose to live near water. Neither of them went to go see it very often. In fact my mom doesn’t even wish to get out of the car when we drive close to the ocean. My dad had lung issues and probably would have gone if he were able.