Dream Scribe

2023-05-14 11:09:00 (UTC)

Writ Sunday.

writ (df) archaic.
a piece or body of writing.

(Every whit of creative writing unless otherwise stated, belongs to the owner of this diary OPENSOURCE by Dream Scribe. Do not in any way attempt to steal it or make it your own. - thankyou, Amanda. I am a recovering alcoholic-addict and I have a temper to match it, so don't piss me off.)


A Piece Of The Sky.

In my heart
propped up by hope
lies a piece of the sky.

it is the bluest blue
emblazoned with clouds
without limits.

in a small corner of my mind
leans a rod of lightning
it's shimmer keeps me sane.

on my feet
are borrowed wings
Hermes won't miss them.

on my arms
are bands of pure copper
they keep my blood
pumping clean

clasped around my head
is a thin band of
pure gold
softer than sunset
harder than pure grit

writ becomes me
writ defies me
writ belies me

and I pray on.