Amber's ramblings
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2023-05-13 23:01:52 (UTC)


Well that was a fantastic day. I didn't sleep last night so I'm really tired tonight. Can't wait to go to sleep. I had so much fun and a couple of people asked to take my photo. And Brian blessed told me that I looked absolutely gorgeous. Made my day. Was texting mum throughout the day. Dad said Brian blessed needs glasses. The cheek of it. Really looking forward to tomorrow. I have photo shoots with 3 out of the 5 charmed group. And Will mellor. I thought Will mellor was today got that wrong. Busy day tomorrow so I need to make sure I sleep enough tonight. I've got 3 shoots all within half hour of each other. I'm hoping I'm going to get to meet Jared padaleki tomorrow. I'm gatecrashing Laura's autograph and I'm going to try and get a selfie with him. He was too expensive for me to have a shoot with so I'll see if he'll let me have a selfie.

Then I've got a long drive to Swansea and then back home. I don't think I'll get back before midnight. Not looking forward to the drive home on my own. But if I get tired I will pull over. I hate long drives on my own. But I can't wait to see Penny. I know she's ok and being looked after. But I've missed her so much. I mean, I've left her for one night before but this is the first time I've left her for 2. I feel so guilty even though she is taken care of. Linda's been looking after her. So I'm not that worried just feeling guilty. But I did leave her with a lot of dreamies

I bought myself some charmed earrings to wear for the photo shoots I have tomorrow. I don't know who I'm more excited to meet. They're all pretty amazing time for bed hopefully I'll sleep tonight