Dream Scribe

2023-05-14 10:03:00 (UTC)

SSL Handshake Failed. Host Error.

The Cloud Server people here in New Zealand, or whomever, couldn't connect me to My-Diary.Org - (website written this way because I like to be formal) - and this happened last night. Anyway, it's working now. So, thankyou. No it isn't as I went to save my entry it played up again.
Incidentally, I did panic and thought I would never be able to get back here again. I went to sleep last night feeling a little sad.
Okay it does save after the Host Error message appears.
Now I'm happy because it's still working!

I'm not allowed to delete any more entries on here either. Okay, I won't.

I bought some smokes. Now my chest is playing up. I'm an idiot. No more after this packet.

I need to eat breakfast then I will write some more.

I never took the olanzapine dose last night and it's really nice to not wake up and feel beaten up. This is how olanzapine impacts on fibromyalgia. I feel like someone has beaten me up while I've been sleeping! In other ways olanzapine works brilliantly, but at this price.