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2023-05-09 21:22:06 (UTC)


I got the phone call I've been waiting for from the mental health team. They have sent me out a letter with a date to see the psychiatrist. They said it could be a few weeks away but at least we are moving forward now. So hopefully he will review my medication and get me on something that works. I've been on this medication for 12 years and never really had a review. So we're getting somewhere at last.

Had a call from the booking site about my refund from the hotel. We were talking for about half an hour and still nothing is being sorted. They are refusing to give me the refund until they have spoken to the hotel to confirm the cancellation. So I tried to call them and was on hold for an hour with no one answering the phone. So I sent them a message via the booking site saying they have until lunch time tomorrow to get back to me or I will be seeking legal advice. I'm not holding out much hope that they will but we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Weird dreams again last night. I went shopping with Linda her daughter and my biological mother in her car. I parked it on a roundabout and we went shopping. When I came out of the shop the car was gone with the other 3. So she abandoned me even in my dream. I hope it's just her that did and it doesn't mean something else.

Had a good evening with the parents tonight. Though dad is ill. I hope he's ok I do worry about them. I wish there was something I could do to help them. If there was anything they needed I would be there in a heartbeat. I said I'll cook them my pasta bake next week. I know they like my pasta bake and it's little things like that which I can do for them.

It's been a weird day. This morning it was nice and sunny and warm. Then this afternoon out of nowhere we suddenly had a downpour and there was thunder and lightning. I was out when the rain came and I had to rush back because Penny was out. She wasn't impressed when I got home. Bless her.

Only a few days to go for comic con. This is my second con and if it's anything like the one in December it's going to be amazing. I don't care if people call me a nerd lol I get to meet people I love. I told mum I would message her over the weekend so she doesn't worry. I said I would message her when I get to the hotel so she knows I got there safe. I don't want them to worry. It's not really too far to get to the con but we are staying in a hotel about 40 minutes drive. This shouldn't be happening if the original hotel hadn't let us down. That one was like a 10 minute drive. So I am annoyed that we couldn't get a room there but at least we got somewhere a bit closer. I'm really excited about it and I'm going to look amazing. I won't be able to sleep Friday night so I will probably take a sleeping pill to help. I have one left and I probably won't be able to get more until I see the psychiatrist. And as yet I don't know when that will be.

Stoopid cat keeps waking me up at stupid o'clock in the morning. Half 5 this morning. 6 yesterday morning. Just because she wants to go out and have a mooch around. I keep the door open for her when I'm home and only close it when I go to sleep. If it wasn't for a certain person on the site I would sleep with it open. But I don't feel safe doing that anymore. I didn't used to lock the door either but I do now.

Have to go for a blood test tomorrow and general check up. Not looking forward to it. I'm ok with her taking blood but it's everything else she wants to do. I don't want to sit there and be poked and prodded about I'm not in the right frame of mind for that. So I will say I'll make another appointment for all that bollocks. Just don't want to deal with it tomorrow.

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