The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-05-06 19:35:59 (UTC)


Lmao half of ppl reading this “dairy” probably don’t even know what I’m talking about like I don’t even know 100% of the situation I’m mostly venting here haahhhhhhh. Anyway THE PAIN IS EVEN WORSE NOW LMAO THE FACT I WAS REPLACED FINALLY “HIT ME” LIKE I REALISED IT HAPPEND AND THAT THE PERSON THAT REPLACED ME IS STILL IMPORTANT TO ME ASF IKR I WROTE ABOUT IT 2736272 TIMES BUT NOW IT FEELS IDK MORE INTENSE? it hurts so goddamn much like why can’t I finally lose feeling or end this fucked up “relationship” hahahahahahhhggh it would be sm easier for both of us. These entries are growing more and more haotic andddd another disclaimer I DONT REPLY YO MESSAGES SORRY PPL :// (yes, I already said that, yes I also don’t know why I’m repeating myself so frequently hah)