Up All Night
2023-05-05 22:11:07 (UTC)

Friday Evening

So I was approved for the grant, but I don't start receiving the money again until June. It's going to be a rough month ... May is ... because I won't have much money. I didn't recieve my allowance today. I have to see if I recieve it on Monday. If I don't recieve anything, my credit payments will be late and I'll be charged a late fee. Dumb of me ... Really dumb to buy that stuff on credit. My brother bought me some groceries and they have to last. I had bologna for dinner tonight. I need to redo my grocery list for when the agency buys me groceries next month. I want the stuff to last, so I'm going to see what I can get that will last longer. I'm drinking RC. Bought some earlier today with some of my bday money. My birthday is May 10. I'll be 57.