A lady in the crowd
2023-05-05 04:49:58 (UTC)

I quit my job

Today was my last day at the clinic. I worked there for almost four years and got my feet wet in the medical field. I'm feeling a million different emotions right now. Sad that it's over, but I'm glad to step away from a toxic work environment, and I'll miss some of these folks. Not the managers, the bureaucracy, or the bullshit. I'll miss the friends I've made over the years and my patients. I got to know our patient panel well and loved getting life updates from them during their checkups. It's okay; this break is only temporary while I finish getting my bachelor's. I'll be back on the floor soon, but not as a medical assistant, as a registered nurse.

Today also marks the end of the semester. I lost track of how many meltdowns I had and how stupid I felt each time we covered new material. I continued practicing until I got the hang of it. I kept telling myself I wanted this more than anybody, and the most challenging part was believing it. I worked my ass off and passed chemistry with an A, and now we're off to the next one.