The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-05-04 23:29:23 (UTC)


I’m so fucking jealous rn. But not for? (I can’t English sorry) a person this time. I would die to be like all those popular people from my school, no mental problems no family problems no social problems. They all seem so fucking happy with loads of friends and in happy and mostly HEALTHY relationships. Why this can’t be me? Why I must be this social reject that can’t even speak up for themself, always ruins everything once something goes well. Watching so many people living the best lives they could sucks sm, while I can’t even bring myself to study or do something reasonable. Also most of those “perfect socially suitable popular asf” ppl are my age and already seem to have their whole lives planned. I don’t even know what high school I should be going. Goddamn I barely can form sentences rn I have no clue why but I just can’t hahahah… and moreover that fucker m. Lied to me again only to avoid talking to me. Excellent. Like, after all that happend between us everything like trust and attachment is over for me. Like the most important parts of this “relationship” are completely cut for me but we still keep in touch lmao. Okay that’s it if you’re bored enough to reach this part have a great day/night :33