barefoot & barely lifelike
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2023-04-14 21:49:22 (UTC)

epic fails

so, here's the list of things i said i'd write about later: ma & li's call, friday's meeting with a, the application, visiting sa, their house, kona. the huge pills. baby o's party on saturday, the outdoors coffee with mi, crafting with sa, the barley bags. the damned election, je's baffling ig story, monday's call with the doctor, meeting with the weeners in the gamer cafe, the more-than-weird night, the trip to the grocery store, crafting the weird fish. all this i'd like to have somehow documented, so i might just .. do a short list-type-of-a-thing? there's lots more by now though; the collective bday party, a much needed off-day, auntie day with el & le, sunday's visit to the baby residence, the talk with o, the fight with je, being outdoorsy with sa & actually going OUT on monday with j & crew. how things have been with mr. a, all while i'm still being very much hot 'n bothered by s, the conversation taking place tomorrow. springey nail polish, how i wish to murder miss n, eating being tough, the call with my girl m. w being all weird, me slowly losing it with all the dog hair, wanting to change my hair, the money crisis ... getting closer with jo (kinda?), oh! and the upcoming trip to cyprus! damn. so much is going on i feel like i can't keep up.

... it's the next day.

......and two days after that. i really hate being too overwhelmed and tired to write - now i've had a suuper duper high fever for a few days though, and a migraine i thought (and tbh hoped) would kill me, so. haven't exactly felt like staring at a screen. rn i'm feeling a tad better, but i'm still glad mum picked w up this morning - i couldn't imagine going outside. idk what it is that i have though, as there are no regular flu symptoms, just the damn high, over 40'C fever, the damn migraine and all my muscles aching like hellfire.

...............and now it's been so fucking long that i'm too ashamed to even edit the date and continue this entry. let's move on.