Life of secrets
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2023-05-01 08:52:25 (UTC)


I often think back to when I was younger and there was no social media, no one had mobile phones… I remember an A-Z being in the glove box of my mums car all the time. She’d whip it out during various trips. Sometimes I’d have to help and she’d get mad at me because I couldn’t read the map. I still can’t. Even on google maps.

I remember the house phone ringing and mum would make plans and we’d go to those plans. I don’t remember anyone not turning up. Sometimes we’d just randomly decide to go see a friend while we were out. If they were home, then great. If not, sometimes we’d try someone else. Or we’d just go home. There was no, texting or calling before we turned up. People would do the same with us too. And when we were with them, everyone was mentally present. Not looking at phones. Not talking about status’s or facebooks. Just talking normally. About normal life stuff, whatever that was.

These days I can’t watch a film or do anything without feeling like I need to be looking at something on my phone or doing something on social media. Or checking my emails. Checking my texts. WhatsApp. Instagram. Facebook. Social media and the way our phones work now, has made us like this. I often wonder, how did we cope before all of this? And the answer is just fine. Everyone was in fact much happier.

Imagine we didn’t know what everyone was doing all the time. Sometimes I watch TikTok and think, what the actual fuck?

Remember when TV channels stopped at a certain time ? And came on at a certain time ? Couldn’t do that now. How would we cope??

I’d like, for this month of May, to perhaps live as if my life doesn’t depend on my phone. I’d like to try. I miss real life. When we could sit with calm minds and not have to constantly entertain them.

And as I said before, I’d like to focus on me this month. Find me again. Get into shape. Look like me again. Feel better. Do the diets I was too afraid to do just in case it stopped me from getting pregnant. I mean, all the right things didn’t work so…. I might as well.