Up All Night
2023-04-30 18:01:42 (UTC)

Quitting Again

For over ten years I quit smoking. I wished I never picked up one of those damned cigarettes again, so now I'm on another quit. If I can get over the nicotene cravings I'll be fine. So today is day one of not buying or bumming cigarettes. I can do this. I've done it before, for a very long time.

On Friday I recieved my usual pay -- the lower amount doesn't start until May. I made a payment on my fragrances and bought some groceries. I don't get paid again until Friday. Then I will be able to make a payment on my small credit card. So I didn't have to miss any payments this time around.

I'm sitting here drinking coffee and thinking about my todo list. It's a lot. Hope I have the energy to do it all.