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2023-04-30 12:35:36 (UTC)

Re release

I’m re releasing my kids book as a level 2 reader. It’s stripped down and really pared down from what it was. It has a few fewer pages and uses tha same illustrations. I want a new cover, but that doesn’t seem to be in the budget. I’ll be releasing this one soon, via IS and KDP only. I won’t be doing an offset run at all.

My family keeps hounding me about when I’ll be doing the next book… I keep telling them I’ll start the illustrations when the first one pays for itself and can pay for the next one. IDK…

I actually owe Her some credit for this level 2 reader version. It was Her idea and she’s helped a lot with editing. She has also been teaching me about little kids and their abilities. She hasn’t missed a beat drumming in the fact that I wasn’t there much when the kids were really young. It’s true… I was working… sometimes over 110 hours a week. I was flat out exhausted for 4 years. She doesn’t remember that part. She just remembers me failing as a dad. She’s reminded me of this 3x now. She has our relationship twisted to the point I’m not allowed to say anything like, yeah, working so many hours and trying to keep us out of bankruptcy was difficult on all of us. I’d be defending myself… and I’m just not allowed to do that anymore.

I had this thought about just leaving yesterday. I’m not one to do that, but I am human and wish for easier times.