Love, life and loss
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2023-04-30 10:52:30 (UTC)

A year on today I want to be ..

A year on today I want to be reminded of this post
Yesterday was the best and the worst day
Amazing to be part of such a special day for such an amazing friend and husband. Shes been my rock, my drinks partner, my karaoke buddy, my hospital visitor and transport, there for both of my girls funerals, puts flowers on my girls gardens when I'm not there and I feel like I'm part of her family, the family I've always wanted and never had.
Yesterday was so good to finally see her get her happy day and also to get to spend the day with Z, B and O who were phenomenally behaved for the wedding and first hour of reception before most of the kids going back to the hotel! Hayley pissed me right off after paying for the hotel for her, her friend and the kids, and leaving her money for dinner for he, her friend, and all of the kids, filling their room with snacks and drinks, a bottle of wine, paying for all of them to have breakfast this morning and then go to soft play. Not cheap for 6 kids. All to allow O to be part of the wedding as he thinks H is the best. Yet all she does is moan. The bed wasnt comfy, no socket near the bed, tv channels are crap, town was busy, check out at 11 is too early. Oh fk off. It's a holiday inn not the flipping hilton! She got a whole night away with a friend, transport provided, everything paid for, kids sorted and they had the best day!! Yet when I ended up at hospital she got the right hump when I asked her to take the kids down for breakfast herself as I'm in hospital and not there to do it. Ffs. All fine though as Ryan took them down and fed them but she pisses me right off with her laziness. Now shes waiting on a 111 call back for him and that's all my fault too. I'll discharge myself to take him if he needs to go somewhere if she wont that's not questionable but why cant she just do it without moaning. Doesnt help I'm miserable so moany

Despite that, the kids had the best time! O charmed everyone all day, B was adorable, Zacky just melts me he is so cute and so funny, I've missed him a lot. Baby party animals those three and just seeing O and Z back together was just amazing. So thankful to have Hayley and Rob in my life and for them bringing everyone together and allowing my 2 favourite people to be part of it 💕💕
Feeling very lucky, very happy, a little hungover, lots of pain and very very sore