Up All Night
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2023-04-27 23:46:37 (UTC)

Coffee and So On

Woke up this morning, made some phone calls, sat at the kitchen table for awhile. Went out and bummed a cigarette, then went back to bed and slept until 2:45. Woke up, went out and bummed some more cigarettes. And now I'm here drinking black coffee and typing this on my phone.

I'm about going crazy waiting to see if I get my money ... Like I wasn't already nuts ... The suspense is killing me. The reason I smoked today. My nerves are frayed. And I'm so tired. Wish I could get rid of my tiredness. Not smoking would help. I should work out instead of smoke.

I need to take some clothes to the laundromat. I only get 42 a week now until my money/grant kicks back in. My clothes would be about 20 dollars if I take them over in my cart. Of course, I want to buy myself some soda. I'm addicted to Colas.

I've been sitting around thinking about how nuts bumming cigarettes is. Also, ordering that stuff on credit was dumb. One of my accounts is going to get behind while I wait for the money.

They're moving me to outpatient because they think I'm doing good. I don't think I'm doing good because I smoked. Smoking is nuts.